Hesperus Camp
Thursday, October 06, 2022

Master Plan


Our Approach

Each year we deliberately ask ourselves the question “Is this ministry still viable?” We ask the question so that we affirm in the present that we are still doing what we are supposed to. If we do not ask the question then we operate on assumptions and we become insensitive to what God is doing and how we need to respond. We are committed to staying relevant in order that we may be a tool used to reach the 93% lost in the Four Corners area. When Jesus left the planet He left behind a church, not a camp. We believe that our ministry is to leverage the local church, and to that end we will continue to develop programs and facilities that are relevant to those you are called to reach.

Our Plan

It is a fundamental truth that societies and cultures are always changing, and unless we change with them to meet their current felt needs we become irrelevant. As such we have intentionally engaged in a strategic master planning process with an understanding that we will continue to modify it as we see needs change. This process insures that each of our development decisions is made in the context of where we sense that we need to head. Our current decisions should not, in the absence of planning, prevent us from getting where we are supposed to go.

Our Projects

There are a number of projects that have been identified as strategic to our growth and relevancy.  Click here to view our Strategic Master Plan Projects.

These projects do not have to be funded through borrowed money, but may be met by the giving of those who have resources and a passion for a particular project. Letting our supporters know what our needs are opens the door for things to be accomplished that we may have never thought possible.